Sticks to anything! Explodes with a pushing blast moments after hitting a Clone.

Blast Mine is unlocked from the Jungle Noon. It spawns one Blast Mine with moderate damage. The Blast Mine clone costs 3 mana to deploy.


  • Often used by rolling it out of your tower to blast incoming enemy units or to blast your bombs and units toward the opposing tower.
  • Must come into contact with another unit to quickly detonate, or it will slowly lose health, then detonate.
  • Can be thrown to the middle of the bridge to more effectively blast units into the opposing tower. Be careful, though, anything on your side of it may be blasted your direction!
  • Best used when the enemy has pushed your own bombs back toward you. Roll it out to stop bombs and blast them toward the other tower.
  • It otherwise will help push back and delay incoming opponents’ units.


Best Combos

  • BombDrone+BlastMine Practice throwing it an an incoming opponent’s Bomb Drone, when done right it blasts the drone back into their tower.


Level Tower Damage




Explosion Force


Upgrade cost


15452836330.0 s50
25655538230.0 s150
35958240130.0 s300
46261242130.0 s500
56564244230.0 s800
66967446430.0 s1,200
77270848730.0 s1,800
87674351130.0 s2,600
97978153730.0 s3,800
108382056430.0 s5,000
118886159230.0 s6,500
129290462230.0 s8,000
139694965330.0 s-
1410199668530.0 s-
151061,04672030.0 s-
161121,09875530.0 s-
171171,15379330.0 s-
181231,21183330.0 s-
191291,27187530.0 s-
201361,33591830.0 s-
211431,40296430.0 s-