A mysterious winged barrel that will burst into ten Bomb Birds. A flying Trojan Horse!

Flying Barrel is unlocked from the Canyon Dusk. It spawns a Flying Barrel with moderate hitpoints that spawns ten Bomb Birds. The Flying Barrel clone costs 6 mana to deploy.


  • Release the Flying Barrel when there is a lull in the battle so you can recover from the 6 mana it costs to deploy.
  • The Flying Barrel guides itself over the bridge, but if you can help it get as close to the other tower before it bursts it will maximize the results.


Best Combos

  • Barrel+Snatcher Flying Barrel with Snatcher to get it closer to the enemy tower
  • Barrel+Rocket Simple and easy, this combo help you getting closer from opponent's tower for a high damage destruction when the Barrel explode.
  • Barrel+Tornado Throw the Tornado first and then push the Flying Barrel inside before it explode : you will get an extra push to get the Barrel closer from opponent's tower
  • Barrel+BlastMine This combo is like a 2nd chance if your Flying Barrel has been frozen with an Icicle : stick it on the ground with a Blast Mine before it explode, and all the frozen Bomb Birds will be pushed inside opponent's tower from the ground!
  • Barrel+DoggoHorde Try pushing your Flying Barrel and a Doggo Horde at the same time: you will get epic attack from both air and ground with Bomb Birds and Doggos everywhere!
  • Barrel+FlyingDoggos Use some Flying Doggos to push the Barrel or even to chomp and protect the Bomb Birds from opponent's attacks.

Community Discussion

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Level Hitpoints






Bomb Bird Level




Upgrade cost


11,05631140.0 s98250
21,10932740.0 s1181,500
31,16534340.0 s1385,000
41,22336040.0 s15810,000
51,2843789.2 s17820,000
61,34839740.0 s19840,000
71,41641740.0 s218-
81,48643840.0 s238-
91,56145940.0 s258-