Here are the rules of this wiki. Failure to follow these will result in getting blocked or losing user rights.

User Accounts

  • Despite user profiles not typically being protected, it is best to have that user's permission before editing their profile page.
  • You may use multiple accounts, but only if you list all of them in the profile page of your first account, and only your first account can have user rights.


  • Do not swear or curse at other users as this wiki mau have a young user base.
    • Do not use profanity in any way.
  • Do respect other users. Any form of disrespect to staff members or other users is a violation to this rule.
  • Do not advertise selling your own Badland Brawl account. There are many reasons, one being it is not a safe transaction.
  • Do not have an inappropriate or obscene avatar, profile, blog, or other personal page. 
  • Do not share personal information that could have an affect on your safety/privacy. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sharing your personal email account
    • Sharing your home address
    • Sharing which school you go to
    • Sharing your real name

If you wish, you may post a picture of yourself. However, if you are under the age of 18, it is strongly recommended that you get parent permission before doing so.


  • Do not blank a page entirely.
  • Do not add sentences with poor grammar.
  • Do not spam gibberish on pages.
  • Do not add incorrect, or repetitive information.
  • Please add facts that are logical and coherent.
  • Do not add new pages without an administrator's permission.

Want to help fight back?

If you notice someone breaking any of the rules above, please contact a Staff Member on their Message Wall.