Deals damage continuously to enemies caught in the inferno. Get ready to barbecue!

Wildfire is unlocked from the Canyon Night. It is a projectile that deals moderate damage. The Wildfire clone costs 3 mana to deploy.


  • Throw Wildfire onto the bridge to roast any enemy feet that touch it. The longer the enemy unit is on it, the more damage it will receive.
  • Throw Wildfire onto the bridge when you anticipate your opponent is about to throw a Doggo Horde. It is very effective at dispatching the majority.
  • In a pinch, throw it at your opponent’s Bomb Drone to keep it out of your tower. It won’t roast it, but it will buy you some time to deal with the Drone.
  • The Bomb Golem is dealt a nice amount of damage with the Wildfire since it is slow moving.


Best Combos

  • WIldFire+Icicle Freeze your opponent’s units with the Icicle to keep them frozen in place while you roast them with the Wildfire simultaneously.
  • WIldFire+StickyBomb
  • WIldFire+BlastMine


Level Tower Damage


Area Damage






Upgrade cost


1541018910.0 s50
2561079310.0 s150
3591129810.0 s300
46211710310.0 s500
56512310810.0 s800
66913011310.0 s1,200
77213611910.0 s1,800
87614312510.0 s2,600
97915013110.0 s3,800
108315713810.0 s5,000
118816514510.0 s6,500
129217415210.0 s8,000
139618215910.0 s-
1410119116710.0 s-
1510620117610.0 s-
1611221118510.0 s-
1711722219410.0 s-
1812323320410.0 s-
1912924421410.0 s-
2013625622410.0 s-
2114326923610.0 s-